Media: Digital prints, maps, and graphite.
Medio: Collage de impresiones digitales sobre pergamino, mapas, y grafito.

Dimensions: 10x32x12 feet (as configured for Diego Rivera Gallery)
Dimensiones: 3x1x3.5m (como fue configurada para la galería Diego Rivera)

Estudio sobre Cartografía -Paper boats

I aspire to develop a cartography of memory through which to explore an intimate definition of place. Drawing on the practice of the old mapmakers who would appropriate previous maps and other representations of territories to create their own charts, I compose new narratives by collaging travelogue texts and historical images of people, objects, and places that reflect ideas about journey, discovery, and displacement. Through this process, I have developed a visual vocabulary of objects and images which are drawn on or constructed from paper and maps and which, for me, symbolize imaginary exploration. The drawn line becomes a way to chart memory, and paper is not only a passive recipient of marks but is also the instrument for creating a new territory. My latest works have sought to extend these territories to spaces involving walls and floors. The cartographical content in the work takes a shape that either refers to a particular experience or reflects a broader impression of a place, while the layers of marks on wall and paper constitute an imagined topography of reminiscences and obliteration.